More than a station

Liam Harrison | 30 Nov 2016 | Comments

In a time of unprecedented investment in infrastructure, it’s not surprising that every city, as well as every rail operator and owner, is looking for their station to deliver more. Stations aren’t just stations anymore; they’re catalysts for growth or regeneration and the foundations for new cities, regions and economic hubs.

Nowhere is this more important than in the Northern Powerhouse, where our clients are looking to use investments in transportation to not only create better connectivity to the rest of the UK, but to stimulate the jobs, housing and development the region needs to flourish.

With so many people looking at stations to help advance their cause, it’s crucial that we develop a masterplan and concept design that works for infrastructure owners, local and strategic planners as well as developers and investors. It’s imperative that we ensure all stakeholders’ views are taken into account on a new station, particularly at the early stages of projects, to develop a scheme that works for both the city and the wider region and builds confidence in its ability to deliver the anticipated benefits.

It’s vital that the station can benefit each and every stakeholder, without compromising the overarching objective, whether it be to deliver high speed rail or upgrade an existing station. It’s about creating partnerships with shared goals, where people understand both what is best for them and what is best for the greater good of everyone involved – where everyone works together to ensure a station achieves value for everyone.

A great example of this is Leeds Station, where we’re working with a carefully selected team to develop the masterplan that will transform the station into a distinctive, modern destination and fully integrated national transport hub. This will be a true partnership, combining each company’s unique expertise to deliver an integrated masterplan that will create a real and positive impact on Leeds as a city and as a key hub in the Northern Powerhouse.

A key aspect of the work at Leeds is also to look at how to maximise the commercial opportunities offered by the redevelopment of the station for the city and region, ensuring it offers real return on investment for all stakeholders. By bringing together industry experts with everyone impacted by the station – the Council, HS2, Network Rail, etc. – we are making sure that Leeds Station will indeed be ‘more than a station’.