My UK spending review and Autumn statement response

Nick Roberts | 25 Nov 2015 | Comments

“Increased productivity and a more competitive, balanced and resilient economy cannot happen without investing in the nation’s infrastructure, from the roads and railways to move people around, to the energy to power homes and businesses, and the housing to provide a roof over people’s heads.

“The Chancellor has set out a vision for infrastructure over the years ahead but the hard work begins now. We forget at our peril that the Government departments that drive much of this activity are facing operational budget cuts of up to 40% and many of the local authorities in our major towns and cities will be getting to grips with their new responsibilities under the devolution agreements. It’s vital we do not allow these to slow down the progress of the schemes which have been outlined by George Osborne. The British people will not benefit from words on a page, we need to get building.

“Where funding remains tight, it’s critically important we don’t lose sight of what we need to do to ensure the UK is an attractive country for foreign investment, from cutting business red tape to painting a clearer picture of investment opportunities in our cities and infrastructure.

“In a spending review full of tough choices it was encouraging that the Chancellor’s investments in the Northern Powerhouse have come in addition to rather than at the expense of London. The billions set aside for transport and housing in London will help sustain its vibrant economy whereas the priority in the Northern Powerhouse must be establishing the relevant bodies deliver a wide-ranging infrastructure programme quickly and effectively.”