The long and widening road

Atkins | 10 Jul 2009 | Comments

The M25 is a 117-mile (188km) orbital motorway that encircles Greater London in the UK. For those living in London, this vast ring road represents the informal limits of the city.

Maintaining and improving the M25 is a constant challenge for the Highways Agency, responsible for its upkeep as well as its continual evolution. As the population grows and travel trends change over time, the M25 has to address those needs.

The Highways Agency has awarded Connect Plus, a consortium comprising Atkins, Balfour Beatty, Skanska and Egis, the Design Build Finance Operate (DBFO) contract to provide additional capacity and maintain the M25 motorway.

“This project is critical to London’s transport infrastructure and builds upon Atkins’ core design expertise,” says Keith Clarke, chief executive of Atkins. “The network management, operations and maintenance services will call on our skills and expertise from more than 10 years of delivering similar services on behalf of the Highways Agency on other important sections of the UK trunk road and motorway network.”

Atkins will provide the design expertise for the widening programme that will see the M25 expanded to four lanes between the M40 and A1, and the M11 to the A13 at Thurrock. As part of the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) joint venture with Balfour Beatty and Egis, Atkins will also provide services in network management, asset inspection, traffic management, tunnel operations, incident management, routine and winter maintenance for the entire M25. This covers a distance of 250 miles, including a strategic network of feeder roads around London. Atkins will also be involved in the operation of the toll facilities at Dartford Crossing with the revenues being handed to the Highways Agency.

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