The power of partnerships

Keith Sands | 11 Mar 2016 | Comments

Every day I look out my window on the 28th floor of Euston Tower and see the great expanse of London and think – what else could we be doing here? There’s so much opportunity and potential in London, and here we are at the heart of it all. With all of the great engineers and designers we have at Atkins (3,000+ in Euston Tower alone!), and the amazing experience we have on projects like London 2012 and the Greenwich Peninsula, surely we could be doing more to make a difference to this great city.

What I’ve come to realise over the past 12 months is that it’s not about us. It’s about engaging with all of the market and developing a range of long term partnerships across the sector that will allow us to understand what good looks like and what our clients need and how we can work together to address all of those needs. We’re positioning ourselves not as Atkins, but as the right team to collectively help London and local authorities address their problems.

To do this we’ve been developing an understanding of the companies that can complement the great people we have that already work in this sector, companies with the same ethos and approach to project delivery that we at Atkins have always held dear.

These organisations can be established names in the industry or niche businesses that are able to differentiate themselves due to their specialist knowledge of the market or the position they hold in the eyes of London decision makers. They can be across disciplines, but ultimately it’s the combination of their specialist knowledge with Atkins’ wide ranging expertise and experience that makes these partnerships work, both for us and our clients.

Taking this partnership approach has already lead to big successes in residential led regeneration projects in London. Whilst there is still a long way to go, the fact that we’re at the table discussing some of the city’s most important regeneration projects shows that partnering has been the right approach to take.

Together, we’ve achieved a great deal over the last 12 months. We continue to be seen as one of the best remediation and infrastructure consultants in the market and our recent success in designing homes for a significant residential scheme in Southall shows that through collaboration, we can do huge amounts to help London grow and prosper on the UK and world stage.

The residential led regeneration market is one of the biggest growth areas in London at present and is likely to last for several years due to London's continued growth (see our Future Proofing London report here). We want to be one of the main organisations that helps the city respond to this growth - and we know we are more likely to achieve this by working in partnership with the right people.