The future depends on what we do today

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Corporate Sustainability

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Our Pillar: A responsible business of the future

The future depends on what we do today

Our pillar: A responsible business of the future 

Our principle: Economic prosperity

Plan, design and enable to provide sustainable value and technical excellence for our clients. Support governments, investors and other authorities to achieve economic and environmental resilience through infrastructure and technological investment.

Economic and environmental resilience

We’re working with our clients and other partners to translate investment in infrastructure and technology into economic and environmental resilience.

We're supporting the development of marine infrastructure in North America by working on an environmental impact statement for Jasper Ocean Terminal, located on the Savannah River in Jasper County, South Carolina. Jasper Ocean is expected to be one of the largest ports on the East Coast. The state-of-the-art marine container terminal will use sustainable technologies to handle up to 7 million 20-foot containers annually, and upon completion will support vessels that are double the size of what is currently possible at neighbouring ports.

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Technical excellence

We continue to provide sustainable value and technical excellence for our clients, using management standards to develop more collaborative client relationships. For example, we’ve developed a simulator to demonstrate the consequences of cyber-attack on critical national infrastructure such as railways, power and water supplies. We’ve also continued to roll out BIM; the purposeful management of information across the whole of the built environment project life cycle.

We continue to provide sustainable value and technical excellence for our clients, using management standards to develop more collaborative client relationships. For example, we've launched a cyber resilience report and developed a digital platform to improve rail experience for disabled passengers.

We've applied a lean and agile mode of construction to the Bergen Art and Design school in Norway. 

We've developed a 4D visualization and support tool (4D VIS), an integrated project information portal that leverages web services and cloud computing to support large-scale program management. Developed specifically to help the U.S. military manage a multibillion-dollar base realignment at the historic Fort Belvoir in Virginia, 4D VIS combines design data (via a 3D model) and project construction scheduling data so designers, project managers, and planners can quickly identify opportunities and potential conflicts in a 3D/4D environment.

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We’ve continue to embed our ‘Right First Time’ behavioural programme, communicating with our colleagues regularly to emphasis the importance of quality. We’ve developed a technical assurance standard to define the requirements for all technical deliverables across the Group. The standard provides guidance for single discipline, multi-discipline, distributed working and large / complex projects. It aims to provide a framework that will ensure the consistent quality of all Atkins deliverables to clients. 

Our principle: Strong governance and accountability

Demonstrate responsibility, transparency and fairness in the way we manage our worldwide business.

Our commitment to behaving as a responsible business, demonstrating transparency and fairness, is outlined by our Group policies and sustainability principles. Our code of conduct, Behaving the Atkins Way, works with our Business Management System to set out, not only what we do, but also controls in place to ensure consistent delivery of services.

Respect for human rights is critical to us and we seek to have a positive influence wherever we operate; communicating our support for human rights to stakeholders, including employees, clients and shareholders, through a variety of channels, including this report, and the visible representation of our values in our day to day business dealings.

Our principle: International business; local service

By employing local expertise and selecting and developing local suppliers, we play our part in sustaining local economies. We’ve to expanded our global reach by opening offices in Africa.

Our principle: Strategic engagement for innovation

Collaborate with key organisations to develop innovative solutions that meet the complex sustainability challenges faced by society.

We help to address the complex sustainability challenges faced by society by developing innovative solutions in collaboration with partners.