The future depends on what we do today

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Corporate Sustainability

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Our Pillar: An environment with a future

The future depends on what we do today

Our Pillar: An Environment with a Future 

Our principle: A low carbon economy

Lower carbon

Continue our work to become a low carbon organisation and help governments, businesses and society to make the transition to a low carbon economy

We have continued our efforts to become a low carbon organisation.

Measuring and reporting emission to stakeholders and investors

We continue to report and verify our emissions data. Atkins has disclosed carbon data to the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), the global platform for organisational disclosure of investor-relevant climate change data.

The Group achieved certification to the ISO 14064 international standard for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions. We report on gas, electricity, liquid fuel consumption and travel emissions.

Transition to a low carbon economy

Please click here to find out more about what we’re doing to reduce carbon.

Adapt to change

Prepare ourselves and help to equip our clients for the potential impacts of climate change

Affordable, reliable and clean energy

We’ve continued to work with governments, businesses and society to help them make the transition to a low carbon economy, whilst also working to reduce emissions from our own operations.

Our Engage Design Team at ITER in the South of France recently reached a major project milestone. The team successfully submitted the Tokamak level 3 construction design for manufacturing readiness review to meet accelerated schedule dates. ITER is Europe’s largest nuclear project and the Tokamak building is one of the most complex buildings Atkins has ever designed. It is the building that houses the nuclear fusion reactor that will demonstrate for the first time the commercial feasibility of fusion power, which will provide a limitless supply of energy for future generations.

Our principle: Respect for the environment through;

Resource Efficiency

Manage natural resources efficiently and help to build the resource resilience of our clients.

We are working with Aditazz, a Silicon Valley software company transforming the built environment, to develop a new, holistic approach that optimises offshore wind farm projects, dramatically improving the entire design and development process. Offshore wind farms generate renewable energy and help to reduce the need to use traditional energy sources, thereby lowering carbon emissions.

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Managing Resources

Our office sustainability programme, RACE2, encompasses such environmental issues as efficient use of materials, control of water, waste and recycling.

Building the resource resilience of our clients

We’ve published a set of ecosystem services papers, highlighting the wide range of benefits which people obtain from the natural environment and the costs that result from damage to the natural capital from which they derive.


Protect and improve ecosystems, recognising the valuable services they provide.

Kai Tak River
We contributed to the revitalisation of Kai Tak River improving the drainage capacity of the existing channel, with concurrent improvement to aesthetic, greening, landscaping and ecological habitat, resulting in the transformation of the river into an urban greening river corridor. We also hosted a community planting event, to raise awareness amongst relevant stakeholders of the importance of greening in the community and pave the way for educating the next generation on tree preservation.

Adapt to change


We’re working with UK water companies to improve the resilience of UK water supplies.

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Regulatory Activity

No environmental enforcement action was taken against us in 2015/16.