The future depends on what we do today

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Corporate Sustainability

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Sustainability principles

The future depends on what we do today

The world’s future is influenced by the actions we take today. Atkins will play its part in ensuring that the world is on a development pathway which will meet the needs of future generations within planetary limits. We will do so by reducing the impacts of our own operations and operating in a responsible, ethical and accountable way, and through the delivery of long term solutions to our clients helping them achieve their own sustainability goals. We will create a working culture that will nurture our staff and deliver innovation in sustainability in collaboration with government, businesses and our clients and we'll engage with and support local communities and key organisations in the field of sustainability.

Sustainability Principles

Our pillar: A society for our future

Inspire the next generation

Promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics to children and young adults to encourage them to become planners, designers, project managers and engineers of the future.

Sustainability knowledge and skills

Support our people on a development pathway to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions.

Social and community investment

Encourage and support our people to realise their capability to contribute to the social, environment and economic health of our communities.

A healthy, safe and secure workplace

Promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being in the workplace.

An employer of choice

Value and respect our people; providing both advantage, and equality of opportunity in recruitment, development, recognition and reward.


Our pillar: An environment with a future

A low carbon economy

Lower carbon
Continue our work to become a low carbon organisation and help governments, businesses and society to make the transition to a low carbon economy.

Adapt to change
Prepare ourselves and help to equip our clients for the potential impacts of climate change.

Respect for the environment through;

Resource efficiency
Manage natural resources efficiently and help to build the resource resilience of our clients.

Protect and improve ecosystems, recognising the valuable services they provide.


Our pillar: A responsible business of the future

Economic prosperity

Plan, design and enable to provide sustainable value and technical excellence for our clients. Support governments, investors and other authorities to achieve economic and environmental resilience through infrastructure and technological investment.

Strong governance and accountability

Demonstrate responsibility, transparency and fairness in the way we manage our worldwide business.

International business; local service

Recognise the importance of sustaining local economies by employing local expertise and selecting and developing local suppliers.

Strategic engagement for innovation

Collaborate with key organisations to develop innovative solutions that meet the complex sustainability challenges faced by society.

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