For over 30 years, our dedicated healthcare teams have delivered design expertise to both public and private health providers.

Mayflower Court provides 24 hour care for older people, as well as specialist care for people living with dementia. The home offers best in class facilities, with en-suite rooms for 72 residents, as well as a café, hair and beauty salon, craft room, bakery, lounges, library and landscaped gardens. 

The care home is formed of two small ten and eight bedroom ‘households’ on each of the four floors, to create intentional communities on a scale which resonates with peoples’ experiences of living in families. These spaces include shared dining, living, reading, terraces and ‘memory zones’.

Residents’ bedrooms have been designed to meet their changing needs, enabling them to remain in the same room throughout their stay. Bedrooms also include large floor to ceiling windows to maximise natural light and provide a connection with the outdoors. For people living with dementia, display cabinets or ‘memory boxes’ are placed outside each room, so that they can be filled with personal keepsakes such as photos or mementos to help patients recognise their room.

Our design enables the care home staff to provide different levels of care suited to each resident, ensuring their independence and dignity is maintained and their quality of life is greatly improved. 

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Celtic Springs Cancer Centre in Newport, Wales, will be the first site in the UK able to perform proton beam therapy, a new and highly advanced form of radiotherapy.

We are providing a full multi-disciplinary service to remodel the existing building, which we also designed back in 2006. Our new designs for the centre, both inside and out, have been solely focused on the patient experience. From arrival to treatment, the exterior and interior of the building maintain a calming atmosphere to help patients overcome the inevitable anxiety associated with cancer diagnosis, treatment and medical institutions in general.

Proton beam therapy is highly important in the treatment of cancerous tumours found in places that can be difficult or dangerous to reach with surgery, and has less side-effects than standard radiotherapy.

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This 'next generation' care home has been thoughtfully designed alongside dementia specialists to create an environment which increases quality of life for older people and facilitates independent living.

Our design for West Hall included many features aimed specifically at helping people with dementia. These include sensors built into bed frames to monitor individuals’ sleep patterns and bedtime bathroom routines. 

Residents fill memory boxes built into the entrance of each bedroom with their personal items, such as family pictures, which help them recognise their room. Uniquely patterned tactile panels by their doors and distinct colour schemes on each floor also help with recognition.

The other facilities at West Hall include a central bistro, private dining room, library and hair salon which provide comfort and a sense of normality to residents, with a designed quiet room offering a peaceful retreat for those looking to relax away from their room.

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Atkins has been commissioned by the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) to design/ redesign the Cardiology Centre in Awali, Bahrain. The project will make use of our multidisciplinary consultancy and design services to complete a tender package for construction.

The project will make use of our multidisciplinary consultancy and design services to complete a tender package for construction. The proposed cardiac centre will comprise a total of 148 beds covering in and out patients, diagnostic and therapeutic services, with a total built-up area estimated to be 32,000 sqm.

Atkins multidisciplinary team will cover architecture, MEP, structures, ICT, landscape, infrastructure, and medical gases & equipment. Atkins is undertaking due diligence of all existing engineering services and completion of the architectural design to conclude detailed design as well as tender and site supervision stages over a 33-month programme.


Atkins was appointed in February 2009 to provide full architectural and lead consultant services for the redevelopment and significant expansion of an existing Level 3 Neonatal Unit based at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital. It was a tight site set between buildings, and the brief was to incorporate an element of the existing to be seamlessly part of the new. The new unit accommodates 50 cots, with usage that varies between Intensive Care, High Dependency and Special Care levels with an associated Outpatients / Day Clinic area and Seminar Suite.

The Trust had concerns about efficiency and staffing levels for these critical care cots, as well as good patient management. Cutting edge technologies in respect of patient management systems are an essential component that have been incorporated & coordinated into the detail design.

The scheme design was developed to ensure compliance with the latest NHS Health Building Note guidance and to achieve a BREEAM Health rating of Excellent, early consideration was therefore given to optimising orientation, views, natural ventilation and the use of sustainable elements such as a sedum roof.

The project was procured through the NHS ProCure21 framework at a value of circa £5.4m and was successfully handed over to the client Aug 2010.

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Two new state-of-the-art health facilities have been created for the communities of Perthshire and Angus in Scotland. At Murray Royal Hospital, two wards have been built for psychiatric patients, including a secure care centre with low and medium security facilities. Patients at Stracathro Hospital will also benefit from the addition of two new wards.

Atkins’ design supported NHS Tayside’s aim of providing patients with an integrated mental health service. The new wards are connected by a social hub and patient support accommodation including day hospital and outpatient facilities. The secure care centre is a separate building because of the security needed in that area. However, we created a masterplan to ensure it was linked with the other facilities through cohesive architecture.

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Our concept design for Kazan Accident and Emergency (A&E) was the winning design as part of a limited international competition. The hospital is a world class A&E facility for the citizens of Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tartastan, Russia.

The concept is based on projecting a caring, maternal and organic image for the hospital, in contrast to the stereotypical clinical / functional appearance of the existing healthcare facilities.

The value of the external environment in contributing to the recuperation of patients is reinforced by the integration of landscape and courtyards while the soft curves and organic forms break the clinical stereotype.