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Advanced composite materials

Atkins is harnessing the power of composite materials across engineering sectors

Composites have been used for millennia, starting with mud and straw bricks, and culminating in supersonic aircraft. Modern composites offer an impressive array of benefits, as shown below.


Atkins has extensive experience in the design and analysis of composites; originally gained in the aerospace sector, we’re now using our composites expertise to benefit clients across our sectors. As the UK National Composites Centre’s official engineering supplier, Atkins is in a unique position to find innovative new ways to use composites in sectors like rail, bridges and energy – like our composite bridge project in Frampton Cotterell. 

Atkins’ technical capability in composites covers:

  • Design for manufacture, including tooling
  • Analysis methods development
  • Inter-lamina stress and integrity analysis
  • Buckling analysis
  • Innovative lay ups
  • Rapid sizing of aerostructures
  • Structure configuration optimisation
  • Finite element analysis
  • Aero and inertial-elastic tailoring
  • Dynamic analysis and crash simulation
  • Fatigue and damage tolerance 

By coupling our technical capability and experience with an eye for innovation and a comprehensive project management offering, we aim to be the composites consultancy of choice.

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