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Asset management

Our strategic asset management services enable organisations to manage their assets and systems in a sustainable way to optimise their performance and minimise risk and expenditure over the lifecycle of assets. Our customised approach to designing and implementing asset management will enable you to transform your organisation and maximise the return on your investment in assets.

Services provided

Atkins is a recognised thought leader in the area of strategic asset management and has played a leading role in the development of international standards such as BS PAS 55 (optimised management of physical assets), the ISO 55000 (asset management - management systems) and ISO 15686-Part 5 (buildings and constructed assets; service life planning and lifecycle costing). We have also led the development of several best practice guides and codes of practice in the highways and property sectors.

We provide strategic asset management consultancy services across the full breadth of economic, defence and social infrastructure assets covering the highways, rail, water, environment, power, nuclear, defence, health, education, leisure, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail and financial sectors. One of our unique value propositions is to offer our clients best practices and learning from different sectors. We have established an internal Strategic Asset Management Network (SAMNet) to facilitate the transfer of skills, resources and best practices between sectors. 

We have extensive experience working with clients from different sectors in the public and private domains from across the world; helping them to improve their asset management organisation, business processes, information and IT systems, and to realise significant benefits; some of these have achieved certification to PAS 55 with our assistance.

We fully understand the business drivers for implementing asset management and have tailored our value propositions to address these drivers. The key services we provide include:

  • Asset management policy and strategy to enable business strategy
  • Asset investment planning and decision support
  • Financing the investment need
  • Sustainability and climate change
  • Engineering to optimise lifecycle performance
  • Assuring capital programme delivery
  • Reducing Opex, reducing risk and improving performance
  • Asset integrity management
  • Justifying life extension, optimise renewal/refurb
  • Assuring safe decommissioning
  • Organisation development
  • Management system development compliant with PAS 55 / ISO 55001
  • IT systems and data integration.

SAM diagram
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Industry sectors

We work across several industry sectors covering public, private and regulated organizations, including:

  • Highways 
  • Railways 
  • Airports 
  • Sea Ports 
  • Water and Waste Water 
  • Environment 
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Power: Nuclear, Conventional, Renewables 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Health Care 
  • Education 
  • Leisure 
  • Local Government