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Business case development

Business cases are developed to obtain management commitment and approval for investment in business change including programmes and projects.

A business case provides a framework for the planning and management of organisational change. The ongoing viability of the programme or project is monitored against the business case.

It is a live document, typically setting out the case for committing resources by explaining:

  • What the business need is
  • What benefits are expected and how they are aligned with business strategy
  • What factors are critical for a defined successful outcome
  • Why a particular option is preferred from among the others
  • How external resources will be sourced and why this offers the best deal
  • How funding will be provided and whether the cost will be affordable
  • When and how the benefits will be delivered
  • What the risks are and how they will be managed

We offer a full range of business case services from improving organisation-wide capability for business case management across the investment portfolio, to business case development for individual programmes and projects.

Our approach is tailored to client’s specific needs drawing from a range of services including:

  • Business case policy and process consultancy
  • Programme or project lifecycle guidance and support on business cases
  • Business case authoring, review, assurance
  • Preparation of specific inputs for business cases (e.g. feasibility studies)
  • Business case training and knowledge transfer
  • Supporting clients in the development of strategies for decommissioning and nuclear new build through initial feasibility studies and down selection
  • Funding and investment appraisal, and organisational development