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Emergency management

Communities, businesses, and government agencies all face the potential loss of life, damage to property, and social disruption that can result from natural and human-caused hazards. While we cannot always control the forces of nature and other threats, Atkins helps our clients prepare themselves for the challenges that they present.

Communities face challenges daily to keep residents safe and secure. To protect the infrastructure that we help plan, design, and construct, Atkins is on the front lines with our clients, assisting with emergency preparedness, response, and recovery efforts. We partner with communities to perform risk and vulnerability assessments and to provide mitigation plans, response support, and recovery tools to help minimize the impacts of disasters.

We stand ready to support our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our past and current efforts reflect our commitment to building safer communities for tomorrow.

Atkins provides emergency management services in the following areas:

  • Risk analysis and preparedness
  • Emergency response
  • Emergency management planning
  • Post-disaster recovery
  • Technology support

For more information on these services, please read our North American service pages click here.