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Future proofing cities

Future Proofing Colombian Cities

Colombia, one of the four ‘Pacific Puma’ economies, has been a bright spot on the world economic map over the last few years with GDP growth averaging 4 to 5% per annum. Planned per capita infrastructure spending over the next eight years puts it towards the top of the league of emerging economies.

Rich in natural resources including oil and other commodities, the country is just starting to catch up after 50 years of under-investment. During this time, it is expected to become a developed economy with the UK sponsoring its accession to the OECD group of the wealthiest nations.

Colombia is particularly vulnerable to climate change and natural disasters. Research shows that in the last 90 years the country has experienced 16,500 natural and man-made disasters (an average of 183 per year).

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Atkins’ Environmental Planning team has just embarked on a new partnership project exploring future planning and development scenarios for Manizales. A university city of 400,000 people located on top of the Andes mountain range, Manizales faces a number of environmental and economic challenges, which also present great potential for growth.

Findeter, the National Development Bank of Colombia and a range of Colombian cities have shown great interest in our Future Proofing Cities Initiative. It is a case of right place right time with the government actively addressing the long standing infrastructure and social issues which have affected growth in the past. Colombia is also seen as leader globally in taking environmental issues seriously reflecting the high risk of flooding, landslides, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in many cities.

In much of 2014, our planners, economists and sustainability specialists will work closely with the Mayor’s planning office and Colombia’s National Development Bank, Findeter. The team will examine how UK and international models of urban regeneration and public private partnership can be used to unlock projects in the city and develop a high level spatial plan for Manizales City-region.

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Future Proofing Colombian Cities

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