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Future proofing cities

Future Proofing London

Our world city: risks and opportunities for London’s competitive advantage to 2050.

Atkins’ Future Proofing London report was produced in partnership with Centre for London and Oxford Economics in 2015. The report assess the risks and opportunities for London’s competitive advantage moving towards 2050 and puts forward four integrated proposals for the city’s planners and policy makers.

London is a unique city, with a rich and diverse heritage, a thriving economy, first class cultural and educational institutions, all of which make it a successful world city, but will this continue? Is London a victim of its own success? It is growing at the fastest rate in 80 years. London has some of the oldest infrastructure in the world still in operation. Managing the renewal and replacement of this infrastructure in the timescales required and to meet the capacity of its rapidly rising population is a key challenge for London’s planners and policy makers.

From our research, we have predicted that London’s population will be over 12 million by 2050. How this population increase is accommodated, equality of access to opportunities, rapid intelligent technology development, economic and environmental changes, all present urgent risks and also opportunities for future proofing London if we act now. Failure to meet these risks will put London’s competitive advantage and quality of life at risk.

Within Future Proofing London we propose some bold new approaches to planning and infrastructure which can help safeguard London’s competitive advantage and put the city on a path to a resilient future. These proposals relate to specific places currently earmarked for significant new development and they relate to land use planning across the city and at London’s boundaries.

The report identifies risks and solutions for a variety of stakeholders, including government, businesses, developers, infrastructure providers and other world cities.

To download a copy of the executive summary click here

To download a copy of the full report click here.

For more information about Future Proofing London, please get in touch:

Janet Miller
Cities & development director

Richard Ainsley
Principal planner