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Future proofing cities

North America

Whether we look at the resiliency challenges evidenced in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, droughts across the west, or flooding risks in the low-lying river systems and coastal communities, all evidence points to a need to better understand the interdependencies of natural and infrastructure assets.

According to ASCE, America’s infrastructure is in need of a staggering $3.6 trillion in improvements to adequately support healthy communities. The nation’s assets are aging and in rapid decline while the pressures to not just sustain the status quo, but to withstand the rising stressors of rapid urbanization are quickly increasing. It is truly a perfect storm of risks that must be balanced with the economic vitality of the nation.
Atkins is helping to shape robust strategies for future proofing at various levels of US government with a keen focus on risk-based prioritization of infrastructure investment decisions. Our experts are threading and sustaining future proofing techniques throughout our work, while simultaneously tailoring the focus of our approach to meet the needs of each entity. To avoid creating long lists of unachievable or unfundable solutions, Atkins is helping city managers and other government leaders carefully prioritize future proofing investments to ensure that short-term needs are balanced with long-term sustainability goals.

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Case studies

Innovation highlight

StormCaster: A new tool for understanding local impacts of climate change
In the last 50 years, there has been a 5% increase in rainfall on average in the United States. On a regional scale, the changes are substantial. StormCaster is a new online tool resulting from Atkins own research and development investment that combines global circulation model and historical rainfall data to generate a forecast from 2010-2100. Using the forecast you can understand the projected trend in average rainfall in your community, and the projected changes in storms you experience every day.

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