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Identity management

Our experts understand the current security requirements and the need for the identity of people to be managed in the most effective and unobtrusive way.

Our projects involve a complex assessment that must balance the need for certainty of identity with the level of inconvenience that is acceptable. Tuning the solution to meet these needs is critical to realising the best operational outcome.

At its simplest, we enable identity checks using one or more of the following:

  • What you have – a token of some form such as a card or passport
  • What you know – a password or PIN
  • Who you are – your unique characteristics commonly termed ‘biometric’

We have run trials on different solutions to help understand the technical performance alongside more intangible impacts, such as public perception. Our involvement ensures that a bridge between the technology and the real world implementation is maintained.

A typical example of this is the development and ongoing support of the Passenger Authentication Scanning System (PASS) for BAA. This links your boarding card (What you have) with a Facial Biometric (Who you are) to ensure that the passenger given authority to fly is the one who actually boards the aircraft.

Enabling Self-Service options for mass transit

Many facial biometric systems have been deployed over recent years with varying success – variability of lighting conditions often leads to unreliable results. To conquer these problems Atkins has integrated the Aurora Infrared Facial Recognition system offering a solution that provides high levels of confidence in identification in any situation.

This breakthrough offers a means by which the identity of a person can be rapidly established in a self service environment to fit with mass passenger movement requirements. Trials are underway of fully self service options that provide secure, cost effective solutions for airport departures. Linking our identity management solution with automatic gates enables fully self-service channels through the airport.