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Intelligent transport systems

Atkins has more than 20 years’ experience in providing transport technology services and solutions, and has led the way in supporting the drive towards fully integrated transport policy.

Intelligent transport systems (ITS) are used to add information and communications technologies to transport infrastructure and vehicles which can result in major improvements in safety, network management, information provision, environmental management, integration, accessibility and public perception.

Increasingly, transport authorities need to better manage traffic and others road users to minimise congestion and the impact of incident and maintenance activities. ITS enables the intelligent management of traffic and provides quantifiable evidence of the success of management approaches.

There are a number of ways in which ITS can be used to optimise the service provided by public transport – something that is essential if people are to be encouraged out of their cars and onto buses and trains. The main aim of this is to reduce the pressure on road space and give public transport the priority in congested traffic, making it a more viable option.

Evidence of well-managed networks underpins the external assessment of transport plans and can help enable network operators to demonstrate best value in comprehensive performance assessments.

Our technical expertise has enabled us to implement a range of solutions for our clients, tackling issues such as safety, better network management, satisfying the travellers’ appetites for information, cost effectiveness and meeting the demands of the carbon agenda.