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Portfolio management

Our experienced consultants guide and support our clients in strategic based analysis to develop and implement the business portfolio, prioritising which projects and programmes will achieve most business benefit.

When organisations discover they are attempting to do more programmes and projects than they have capacity to do they need to adopt a rigorous and measured process to assess what exactly should be progressed with vigour and what should be cancelled or stopped.

Our consultants advise and support our clients with methods to address this business problem. We will establish the portfolio by identifying active, planned projects, programmes, and initiatives, determining the business critical decision rules and evaluating the prioritisation rules, engaging the key stakeholders across the business and IT management teams the best value combination can be determined.

However, even after this analysis, most companies will still have more than they can actually fund. The benefit of portfolio management is that scenario planning allows the business executive to define what-if options and find the most appropriate mix of IT and business projects that most closely align with your company’s strategic objectives.

Portfolio management creates the visibility of what is being done or planned to be done throughout the organisation creating the following management benefits:

  • Aligning the resources to maximise value of IT investments
  • Scenario planning models interdependencies and risk strategies aligning the prioritisation with the ‘most likely achieved’ outcome
  • Visibility of the portfolio and engaged communication between IS and business leaders
  • Multi-stakeholder engagement collates and aligns the multi-viewpoint contribution from across the business
  • Schedule scarce resources more efficiently, ensuring best value achieved
  • Provides the justification to assess business contribution objectively and makes it easier to stop or shutdown projects


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