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Research & development

Atkins is working with leading aircraft manufacturers in the research and development of tomorrow’s aircraft, and undertaking its own research into the latest advanced composite materials.

The pace of technological innovation in the aerospace sector is rapid and Atkins is working at the cutting-edge of aerospace engineering. We provide a range of research and development-related services to aircraft manufacturers, helping them to develop the next generation of aircraft and develop variants of existing models.

In addition to our client-focused work, Atkins is also working on two major research and development projects. The first is the Next Generation Composite Wing research programme, of which Atkins is an industry partner. The second is Atkins’ own advanced composite materials research programme.

Our research into the behaviour of composite structures under aerodynamic and inertial forces will contribute towards the design of lightweight and energy efficient structures, including aircraft wings, wind turbine and gas turbine blades, bridges and gantries, and lightweight oil rig structures. In this way, Atkins is helping to drive forward the development of tomorrow’s Carbon Critical structures.