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Whether it’s designing a traffic calming scheme or advising on safer communities, we believe that safety and operational excellence should be at the heart of everything we do.

The responsibility we hold is two-fold: as a corporate citizen we work hard to minimise our impact on the world; and as a designer and advisor we aim to influence our clients’ decisions positively to deliver the most responsible solutions.

We believe that the built environment has a direct influence on well-being. Creating environments where people feel safe to work, rest and play is always a key consideration in our projects.

Public perceptions of safety and risk can be affected by a whole range of factors, from street lighting to space utilisation. Atkins’ breadth of knowledge and experience means that we are able to offer a fully integrated approach to urban planning and design, drawing upon expertise from a full range of disciplines. The result is urban environments where every space offers a positive contribution to community life.

Within the rail sector, Atkins is an independent body recognised by Network Rail as competent for both the development and assessment of safety cases. Through Network Rail’s acceptance process, our specialist team delivers independent assessments of safety cases, as well as providing advice on safety case strategy, documentation and management.

We also designed the Highways Agency’s recently launched Health and Safety Toolkit which provides examples of best practice, innovations and ideas currently used on the highway network to improve health and safety in construction and maintenance.

As a RoSPA Gold Award holder we encourage all our staff to think safety and act safely. Internal initiatives, such as our ‘Safe by Choice’ campaign and our safe operation system for live risk assessments, have seen significant reductions in serious accidents, producing best practice which we actively share with industry.