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Stakeholder & community engagement

Atkins’ expertise in stakeholder and community engagement is central to the delivery of our clients’ projects worldwide. It underpins our commitment to ensuring we fully understand and respond to the environmental, economic and social context of our work to deliver solutions that meet the needs of those involved.

Our team of professional communication and engagement consultants and graphic designers work hand-in-hand with our technical professionals to ensure that we combine the highest standards of verbal and visual communication with in-depth technical expertise.

This approach allows us to establish trust and credibility, resolve issues, tackle negative perceptions and ensure everyone involved has a clear understanding and acceptance of the approach proposed and the resulting benefits.

By informing and engaging all stakeholders in a way that is independent and impartial we aim to maintain the highest levels of trust and integrity. Failure to engage these parties can result in delays to implementation of projects, at best, and often vociferous objections and campaigns.

We ensure a wide range of groups and individuals are involved; from the client and consultant teams, through statutory consultees and both national and local special interest stakeholder groups, to the wider community.

We are able to manage the entire engagement process for our clients either as part of our wider projects or as a stand-alone service, including:

  • Understanding, identification and mapping of all stakeholders
  • Strategies and plans for all stages of project and programme development and implementation – engagement, involvement, consultation, management and communication
  • Organising and managing the engagement process and organising meetings, workshops and focus groups and wider public events and exhibitions
  • Facilitating technical and non-technical workshops, telephone interviews and focus groups, planning and design events and also chairing meetings and manning public exhibitions
  • Producing all supporting material including copywriting, media relations, graphics and multimedia design and print management
  • Social and market research
  • Ongoing reporting and integration of views in project and programme design

We use a wide range of both tried-and-tested and innovative qualitative and quantitative techniques, to involve people from all identified target groups and tailored to suit the particular audience. We also develop communication material, visual and non-verbal, to reach the widest possible audience.

This approach makes a real difference in steering a course that results in consensus on the way forward and practical, well-argued and implementable solutions.