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We provide a comprehensive range of services to help public and private sector organisations to characterise, assess, quantify and manage their relationship with the natural environment and to prepare for a changing climate.

Strategic sustainability

We work with clients from all sectors to ensure long-term environmental, social, and economic sustainability through early integration of sustainability considerations in policy, plan, and project development. We provide strategic sustainability assessment services and a range of services to support with the identification and implementation of sustainability and climate change solutions for master plans and projects. For more information, please download our embedding sustainability into development flyer.

Atkins’ Sustainable Design Group is a practice providing dedicated expertise for several key services: green building consulting, LEED® project management, energy modelling simulations, energy audits, and building commissioning. It is staffed by professionals who have been carefully selected for their experience, skills, and passion for sustainable development and energy efficient building practices geared toward preserving and protecting our environment. Our team is supported by Atkins’ network of architecture, engineering, planning and construction management professionals, which is available to support both public and private projects at all levels.

The natural environment

With the careful management of natural resources becoming an increasingly important priority, Atkins assists clients in projects that restore vital ecosystems and incorporate features and processes that are environmentally responsible and promote sustainability. Helping to maintain a sustainable environment, Atkins develops and implements comprehensive environmental restoration and water management plans for a wide variety of natural resources, including lakes, rivers and streams, estuaries, wetlands, and threatened habitats.

We provide urban communities effective solutions to their flood control needs while still preserving the beauty and functionality of existing riparian corridors. We are helping to conserve valuable drinking water supplies through integrated water resource planning that includes the use of reclaimed water, aquifer storage and recovery, and other technologies, as well as public awareness campaigns. We are turning saltwater into drinkable water and polluted runoff into safe discharges. Concurrently, we are working to improve and protect the overall quality of watersheds through monitoring, the setting of total maximum daily loads for pollutants, and best management practices.

The built environment

In the built environment, our plans and designs aesthetically and functionally blend human and natural elements, while promoting resource conservation and cost efficiency for projects ranging from full-scale communities to individual buildings. Our technical expertise helps our clients preserve their cultural past through surveys and assessments, historic restoration and renovation, grant application preparation, and thoughtful planning that integrates historic sites with contemporary needs. We support our clients’ air quality monitoring programs. Our pedestrian and bike paths and mass transit centres are encouraging more healthy lifestyles and energy conservation. Our landscape designs are allowing communities and property owners to minimize the need for irrigation, pesticides, and herbicides. And with certified Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) specialists on staff, Atkins assists clients in meeting national sustainable design standards for their buildings and structures.

We offer a long history in providing integrated solid waste management solutions that encompass everything from landfill design and operations to waste reduction techniques, such as recycling, composting, and landfill mining. Today we are also helping to convert landfill gas into usable energy and turning landfills into bioreactors that reduce environmental impacts and extend the lives of landfills. Practicing the principles of sustainability.

Corporate governance

We support organizations with the development and implementation of environmental policy and strategy, corporate responsibility, industrial sustainability, and environmental management systems (EMS). We work with organizations at all stages of their management system development—from initial environmental review through ISO14001 and implementation. We provide clear, action-based advice that improves our clients’ environmental performance.

Legal compliance and risk management

We support organizations with environmental permitting, compliance with regulatory agency compliance, health and safety risk assessments, and due diligence for all manner of transactions including disposals, mergers and acquisitions, debt-financed, securitizations, initial public offerings (IPOs), management buy ins or buy outs (MBI/MBOs), and Lenders Technical Advisory support on private finance initiatives/public-private partnerships (PFI/PPP).

Our team comprises internationally experienced advisors, including those registered as Environmental Auditors & Principal Auditors by the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA).

Resource management

We advise clients from all sectors on resource efficiency, restoration and management of natural resources and biodiversity, waste minimization, and environmental economics.

Development permitting

We help clients reduce their environmental impact and incorporate sustainability principles in the development of master plans, infrastructure, and buildings. We provide environmental impact assessment services from screening and scoping to production of an environmental statement, consultation, and public meetings.

For the above services we draw on the full range of in-house technical specialists covering ecology, noise, socio-economics and community issues, landscape and visual, land contamination, waste, air quality and water.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – We have the experts to deliver all stages of the EIA process, whether that be undertaking the entire EIA, or assisting at one or more of the key stages. Learn more about our expertise in Environmental Impact Assessment.

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) – The HIA process identifies potential effects on the health of a population and the distribution of those effects within the population. We undertake HIA as either, part of the larger EIA/SEA process, or as a separate work stream covering both project and plan levels. We support decision makers in identifying appropriate actions to manage any possible effects and make informed decisions beneficial for public health. We successfully collaborate with international experts in the HIA field from academia and public health organisations to ensure we deliver a high quality service.

For the above services we draw on the full range of in-house technical specialists covering ecology, noise, social-economics and community issues, landscape and visual, land contamination, waste, air quality and water.

Our skills also include: