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System safety & assurance

Atkins is one of the largest Systems Assurance consultants having built up an unsurpassed reputation for System Assurance services, covering a wide range of services from transportation (railway, roads and airports) to power, and oil & gas.

Atkins has been offering practical consultancy in Systems Assurance (SA) since 1984, and established a team of safety & reliability consultants, Hong Kong based, in 1994. With the ever-increasing demand of System Assurance services, the division has grown steadily with more than 100 SA consultants currently employed worldwide. The key to this success is the application of internationally accepted standard and technology-led techniques with the objective of adding value and solving problems in a cost effective manner.

System Assurance, primarily comprising Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS), is of paramount importance to the safety and performance of a system. We assist the client to define the overall strategy for the implementation of RAMS activities throughout the project lifecycle by adopting Industrial Best Practices and International Standards. Recently, increasing focus has been given on other dimensions of Systems Assurance including Human Factors, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Software Assurance.