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Tunnelling & underground space

Atkins has planned, designed and enabled a multitude of tunnel and underground works projects around the globe. Our people have extensive experience handling all project phases – big or small, whether highway, rail, transit, pedestrian, water supply or sewer and utility.

Few people are aware of the increasing importance that tunnels play in their lives in terms of everything from road and rail transport, water supply and sewerage, power and hydropower to communications and storage.

Transportation and water are two of the great issues of the 21st century, and the construction of bored tunnels is increasingly the only feasible means of providing such infrastructure whilst minimising the short- and long-term impacts on both the community and the environment.

Cities seek to keep their traffic moving, while countries endeavour to improve their transportation networks to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive world. The often limited options for surface routes and lack of surface space, combined with a growing environmental awareness, increasingly conspire to bring the tunnelling option to the fore.

Tunnelling plays no less of a role in the essential areas of water supply and sewerage systems, as both the developed and developing worlds strive to improve the quality of their water and the cleanliness of their towns and cities.

Atkins provides expertise in planning, design, assessment and construction supervision of rail, highway, water, power and other tunnels. Our tunnel safety and operation specialists offer additional skills designing and maintaining fully integrated systems to keep tunnel users safe and well-informed at all times.

Tunnelling requires input from a number of disciplines and our group is uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive range of services in-house for various types of tunnels, caverns and related structures.

Our capabilities include: