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Water management

Atkins provides a full range of services across the diverse water management spectrum from water strategy planning, river management and flood defence schemes to utility infrastructure design, operations and maintenance.

We combine leading-edge technical expertise with extensive engineering experience to deliver sustainable solutions all around the world.

Our service offering is broad but our core services include:

  • Water utility infrastructure – We provide advice and deliver engineering solutions from planning, feasibility, design, procurement to construction supervision to optimise water and wastewater networks.
  • River management – We have a deep understanding of rivers from rehabilitation and design of waterway structures to navigation, hydropower development, water supply and recreational purposes.
  • Flood management – We reduce the impact of flooding whether from rivers, the sea, urban drainage, flood defence failure or groundwater; we design and implement flood alleviation schemes and develop strategies to guide sustainable management of flood risk in catchments and urban areas.
  • Surface water and drainage – We use our extensive experience in surface water drainage, flood risk, sustainable drainage systems (SUDS), water quality, GIS database development and engineering design to develop effective surface water management plans and contribute to water cycle studies.
  • Dams and reservoirs – We inspect, design and construct all types of dams and reservoirs and conduct assessments relating to safety, stability, flooding and seismic activity.
  • Aquatic ecology – We manage interactions between organisms and water environments, including flowing water in watercourses, standing waters including lakes, and in wetlands.
  • Regulatory compliance and research – We provide detailed assessment of environmental regulation and policy and deliver associated financial savings by working collaboratively with regulators and stakeholders.
  • Hygiene and sanitation – We improve sanitation and health conditions, enhance water safety and change hygiene behaviour, and manage the complex challenges involved in improving infrastructure and environmental health.