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Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School



Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School


23-25 July 2014


Marco Island Marriot Resort


Austin Carroll, CWB, CSE, RF
Ed Cronyn, PWS
Don Deis, CEP

Atkins employees share their industry expertise about Florida’s environmental and growth management laws, rules, and programs.

Emerging Issues Affecting Conservation of Florida’s Imperiled Wildlife Species
Austin Carroll, July 23, 2–5:40 pm

  • Gain a sense of the damage caused by wildlife strikes to aircrafts, both nationally and globally
  • Understand the significant threats to flight safety and impact to development projects posed by the presence of threatened and endangered species around airports in Florida
  • Learn how proactive coordination and communication between airport sponsors and regulatory agencies can effectively resolve these issues

Planning, Permitting, and Mitigation for Transportation Corridors, Ports, and Intermodal Logistics
Don Deis, July 24, 8:30–10:30 am

  • Discover the implications of coastal expansion projects and the need for mitigation planning for aging infrastructure in coastal areas 
  • Understand how substantial mitigation can offset projected impacts of port expansion and how long-term planning will help meet coastal project goals
  • Observe how planning, permitting, and construction prior to port expansion can eliminate time-lag and risk in order to meet basin-level restoration goals

Environmental Resource Permitting
Ed Cronyn, July 24, 10:30 am–12:10 pm and 1:30–3:10 pm

  • Learn the Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method (UMAM) to determine wetland impacts and mitigation requirements
  • Explore the theory and practice of wetland functional assessment
  • Gain awareness of the proposed changes to UMAM and how they may affect wetland permitting in Florida
Lecturers biography
 Austin Carroll

Austin Carroll, CWB, CSE, RF
Austin Carroll currently serves as Atkins’ national aviation and environmental sciences lead. He is a senior ecologist, wildlife biologist, and forester with 14 years of project management experience in environmental issue resolution for aviation projects, natural and water resources management and policy, permit acquisition and compliance, mitigation area management and monitoring, multi-organizational partnership development, and ecological research and monitoring in ecosystems across the southeastern U.S. Mr. Carroll has served as a guest instructor at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Training Center on establishing partnerships between various public and private stakeholders. He also currently serves as Atkins’ representative on the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission Black Bear Management Plan Technical Assistance Group. This is his 6th consecutive year presenting at this conference.

 Don Deis   Don Deis, CEP
Don Deis has 36 years of experience as a consultant to industry and government in the environmental science field. His areas of expertise include environmental evaluation, assessment, and monitoring of marine, estuarine, and coastal projects; restoration of estuarine and marine ecosystems; impacts of oil and gas exploration, development, and transport; natural resource damage assessment related to disasters; and environmental rules and regulation. Mr. Deis has authored or coauthored hundreds of technical reports and published articles in these fields. Mr. Deis has both domestic and international experience developing environmental assessments and environmental impact statements. He has provided his expertise on nearly 200 projects with Atkins. He has studied hard bottom (reef) and seagrass habitats throughout Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean.
 Ed Cronyn   Ed Cronyn, PWS
Ed Cronyn has 17 years of regulatory and private sector experience in environmental permitting, wetlands ecology, mitigation banking, ecological functional assessment, threatened and endangered species permitting, and regulatory compliance. His projects have included environmental assessments and permits for a wide range of activities, including infrastructure development, grant-funded/rapid turnaround projects, mitigation projects, and multi-agency permitting. His general responsibilities with Atkins include project management, technical assessments, permit preparation and coordination, and project development. Prior to joining Atkins, he served as a permitting reviewer and manager with the South Florida Water Management District, during which time he participated in the development and calibration of the UMAM and the Wetlands Rapid Assessment Procedure (WRAP). Mr. Cronyn has been an instructor for UMAM classes at conferences and in field exercises for over 10 years, including the first UMAM class offered at the Annual Environmental Permitting Summer School.