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News releases 2015

Atkins is planning to revolutionise recycling following the development of a new app that helps householders find nearby locations to exchange unwanted goods.

The app is being trialled in Sweden, already a leader in Europe for waste management with only 0.7 per cent of its household waste going to landfill, compared with a 34 per cent average in Europe.

Residents in Sweden will be able to visit a website, designed by Atkins in cooperation with technical developers Monterosa, to search for the most convenient location to exchange, lend, lease or donate unwanted reusable goods. People could choose to drop such items as garden furniture, sports equipment and children’s toys near their work or home, whichever is most convenient.

The website is available via a smart phone application or a mobile web page, as well as through the internet via a desktop computer. With the consumer at the forefront of waste generation and disposal, Atkins’ technical experts believed the solution was in the use of modern accessible technology.

Johan Olsve, Atkins’ environmental consultant and project manager in Sweden, said: “This new easy-to-use website will encourage consumers to dispose of unwanted reusable goods in an environmentally thoughtful way. The easier we can make it for the consumer, the more goods can be rehomed and therefore help meet our client’s objective in reducing the level of waste going to recycling centres and ultimately reduce the use of raw materials in the production of new goods.”

Giving a UK perspective, Gareth Williams, a senior consultant in Atkins’ UK water and environment business, said: “The UK generated some 26 million tonnes of household waste in 2012, and with around 30 per cent of this going to landfill there still remains a great proportion of the waste stream which has the potential for further use. One of the most environmentally preferential methods of processing waste materials is for it to be reused.

“Tools like this digital solution, developed by Atkins in Sweden, can go a great way towards reducing our waste impact. Online systems and mobile applications are an effective method for engaging with local communities. The adoption of similar initiatives across local authorities and the private sector in the UK could contribute towards reducing waste sent for disposal and improve the UK recycling rate towards that of our Swedish colleagues.”

The client, SAMSA, is a group of municipally-owned waste management companies in southern Sweden with an objective to reduce the level of waste sent for disposal and the use of raw materials. The project is being realised through innovative procurement and is currently in the development phase with testing ongoing until February 2016. If successful, it will be rolled out across the whole country. 


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