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News releases 2017

Atkins has been chosen to develop the cyber security model and framework for the HumanDrive Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) project. Supported by consultancy SBD Automotive, Atkins’ work will ensure that the vehicle is digitally secure, resulting in a safer driving experience.

The HumanDrive consortium has recently won a grant award from Innovate UK under the CAV2 programme.

The objective of the HumanDrive project is to build an autonomous vehicle with human-like, natural control and path planning, by 2020. It will be fully autonomous and capable of completing a lengthy end-to-end journey in a variety of settings, including country roads, A-roads and motorways. It will also be designed to mimic the style of a proficient human driver, to provide an enhanced experience for the occupants.

Keith Turner, head of cyber security development at Atkins, explained:

“Any autonomous vehicle is potentially vulnerable to a range of threats, including cyber tampering, denial of service attacks or information disclosure. Our work will therefore include comprehensive threat analysis, risk assessment and security requirement identification of the HumanDrive system to mitigate these. The resulting security model will encompass the HumanDrive vehicle platform, supporting infrastructure and the project as a whole.

“This work is a key component for the safe and successful trialling of autonomous vehicles in a full test environment before they join the road network.”

This project leverages Atkins’ multi sector cyber resilience and intelligent mobility (iM) expertise to help further the UK's ambition to be a global leader for the introduction of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs) onto mainstream transport and infrastructure. This will bring passenger and driver benefits such as improvements to time, safety, and cost of ownership.



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About Atkins cyber resilience expertise

Atkins delivers cyber resilience expertise to the critical national infrastructure, government, national security and defence sectors. We are the largest supplier of client-side advisory in the UK security and intelligence sector and accredited to the Cyber Suppliers to UK Government scheme.

We view cyber resilience as the ability of an organisation to understand the cyber threats it’s facing, to inform the known risks, to put in place proportionate protection, and to recover quickly from attack. Depending upon the client, robust cyber resilience ultimately provides cost-effective business or service continuity, sustained revenue, or the uninterrupted delivery of military effects. It also contributes toward the ongoing protection of the UK.

By combining a deep understanding of the digital ecosystem that surrounds and supports our nation’s critical infrastructure with our experience of working in secure and mission-critical environments, we can offer unrivalled insight into an organisation’s digital vulnerabilities.

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About intelligent mobility (iM) from Atkins

  • Intelligent mobility is an end-user and outcome-focused approach to connecting people, places and services - reimagining infrastructure across all transport modes, enabled by data, technology and innovative ideas. It will transform people’s journeys and the movement of goods, whilst increasing the efficiency, sustainability and safety of our transport systems and cities worldwide.
  • ‘iM’ is Atkins’ approach to intelligent mobility through which we will demonstrate how the application of technology - coupled with our engineering expertise and deep industry knowledge - can better inform our clients’ decision making and encourage a positive change in end-user behaviour.
  • ‘iM’ places users at the heart of our approach, focusing not only on improving the transit of people and goods, but also on transforming the infrastructure of our cities to increase efficiency and safety, maximise resources, boost sustainability, create resilience and promote economic growth. iM is already bringing visionary ideas to life and driving essential progress for our clients and partners.
  • Our iM key aims are to ensure:

SBD Automotive

Through independent research, evaluation and strategic support, SBD Automotive helps vehicle manufacturers and their partners create autonomous, more secure and better connected cars.

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Government Funding for driverless cars

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