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News releases 2017

Lexington, KY – The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has approved Mid-America Conversion Services, LLC (MCS) to begin operation of the Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride (DUF6) Conversion Facilities located near Paducah, Kentucky and Piketon, Ohio.

Under a five-year contract, MCS will be responsible for the operation of the DUF6 conversion facilities and the management of the cylinder-storage yards at the DOE Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (GDP) Site in Ohio, and at DOE’s Paducah GDP Site in Kentucky.

“During the 90 days of transition, I have come to know this incredible project team,” said Alan Parker, MCS President and Project Manager. “Their core value is safety and we are looking forward to working together very closely.”

DOE’s approximately 700,000 metric-ton inventory of depleted uranium hexafluoride is a by-product of the uranium enrichment process at both the Portsmouth and Paducah gaseous diffusion Plants, which ceased production operations in 2001 and 2013, respectively. The DUF6 plants convert the material to depleted uranium oxide for beneficial reuse or disposal and aqueous hydrofluoric acid (HF) for industrial use.

In addition to personnel at the conversion plants, MCS’s fully integrated team is located at the company’s administrative offices in Lexington, Kentucky.

Under this contract MCS will operate DUF6 conversion facilities, provide maintenance services for conversion facilities and associated equipment, dispose of end products, and conduct surveillance and maintenance of the cylinder storage yards.

MCS is a joint venture of Atkins, Westinghouse, and Fluor.


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