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Atkins is perhaps best known as an engineering consultancy, but is also one of the world’s leading architectural firms.

Atkins is the world’s largest architectural firm, spread across four continents and 150 countries. Atkins approach to architecture is different and holistic as it does not focus on the promotion and strength of an individual design figurehead. Instead each of our geographical regions has evolved an architectural identity of its own.

This unique and culturally-led identity has developed organically as a response to the ambitions of our clients and the sectors in which we operate.

In the Middle East, Atkins work is typified by towers and iconic structures such as the World Trade Center in Bahrain.

In China, by transportation projects that use metaphors as generators of form, such as the lotus flower-like station in Songjiang.

And in the UK, where architecture is place-specific, contextual and often driven by sustainable issues we respond to these challenges with the end result being outstanding sustainable designs, such as Northumbria University in Newcastle.

However this architecture is labelled, it is apparent that in responding to the varied conditions and demands of climate, culture and economics, Atkins is proud to have delivered such an impressive body of work across the world, only some of which can be featured here.