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Applied technologies

Flood Map

FloodMap is a suite of public domain tools to evaluate flood risk at specific locations accessing critical flood hazard information from reputable sources such as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and United States Geological Survey (USGS).

FloodMap™ Desktop

FloodMap Desktop (FMD) is Atkins’ premier flood hazard mapping system that operates as an Esri® ArcGIS software extension. The system requires no third-party add-ons for cartographic labelling or data processing, and no Internet connection is necessary to support this desktop application. The current release (FMD10) is the updated Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Risk MAP version of FMD and the only publicly available digital flood insurance rate map (DFIRM) mapping software platform on the market. FMD Standard offers basic flood mapping functionality at no cost.

FMD Professional (purchased by licensed users) includes additional functions designed to increase efficiency and productivity. Both versions allow users to create DFIRM maps and databases to FEMA standards. Professional users have access to the FMD Help Desk, available via the dedicated email address shown on this page. With FMD10 Professional, users can create DFIRM products for both the Map Modernization and Risk MAP Appendix L and K guidance.

FMD10 Professional also enables users to create the Discovery Database and Map, the Flood Risk Database and Map, as well as the Flood Risk Report and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) Report. FMD10 has enhanced quality checks to verify that data meet FEMA quality control requirements, including Data Validation Tool (DVT) and Mapping Information Platform (MIP) submissions. FMD10 contains topological rules to ensure the database feature classes are topologically correct. Other tools ensure that data are created correctly and loaded into the database with the proper attribution and geometric features.

A trial version of FMD Professional is included with every download.

For product support, contact Mourad Bouhafs at +1 (678) 247-2559 x4062559.

Download a trial version of the desktop version.


Online support for our FloodMap product suite.
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FloodMap™ Mobile

FloodMap™ Mobile smartphone app provides instant flood hazard information.

Many of us use cellular phones for more than making phone calls. We use them to access on-demand information, connect to the Internet, and leverage global positioning system (GPS) capabilities to give us maps and information in the context of our current location on demand. Atkins FloodMap™ Mobile is a smart phone app for your Android™ or Apple-based mobile phone that helps communicate flood risk in the context of the user’s location on demand. When the phone locates you or you type an address, FloodMap™ Mobile shows you the Federal Emerency Management Agency (FEMA) floodplains, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) stream gages, map revisions, and more. It then provides you with an email-able flood hazard report that includes:

• USGS ground elevation and quadrangle number
• FEMA flood zone and region number
• Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) date and map number
• Estimated insurance cost based on home value, which can be retrieved from Zillow
• FEMA-registered flood hazard insurance agents
• Insurance discounts provided by FEMA for entering their special programs.

FloodMap™ Mobile places critical decision-making information in your pocket ready to use when you need it. Floodplain managers, city planners, and emergency responders all have on-demand access to critical information in the field. Engineers, community officials, and customer service authorities have quick and easy access to information about map numbers, quads, gages, and floodplains. Homeowners, real estate agents, and insurance agents have critical information on demand that was previously difficult for them to access so that they may make important property decisions. FloodMap™ Mobile is a publicly available app developed by Atkins and available in the Apple and Android app stores, but the underlying platform allows us to personalize the app for more specific usage such as local evacuation routes, the addition of HAZUS or parcel information, critical facilities display and routing, or push notifications from flood warning systems.

For more information and to download the app, visit our FMM product website.