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Intelligent transport systems

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) is a dynamic industry with ever evolving technology, services, and operational approaches. The breadth of our involvement in emerging ITS technologies allows our clients to access a pool of expertise and maximize the potential of these solutions.

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Atkins offers a full-service ITS team that has long been at the forefront of ITS development and deployment. We have assisted clients with their ITS needs by helping them achieve their safety, security, and efficiency goals through ITS solutions. With our agency partners, we have helped secure funding to design, build, operate, and maintain their ITS infrastructure.

Our ITS capabilities are highlighted in the following paragraphs.

Traffic management

Whether our clients are seeking to improve traffic signal operations, reduce incident clearance times, or enhance event traffic management, we assist clients by evaluating their needs and providing innovative ideas to create sustainable traffic management solutions. Our staff’s expertise in applying traffic engineering principles, traffic signal operations, traffic signal systems, ITS technologies, and communications networks is grounded in our relationships with public-sector clients. More importantly, we stay abreast of the ever-changing technology landscape and constantly scan the market seeking new and proven technologies to solve traffic management challenges.

Traveler information

Atkins has nationally recognized traveler information experience having planned, implemented, and operated traveler information systems, providing client-side services to develop requests for proposals, oversee testing and post-implementation services, and conducting advanced traveler information systems(ATIS) feasibility studies across the country. As the need for traveler information through a variety of devices and channels increases, Atkins’ professionals stand ready to assist agencies to develop and deploy comprehensive solutions that incorporate ATIS, location-based services, websites, social media, and telematics.

Traffic operations centers

Atkins has extensive experience planning, designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining traffic operations centers (TOC). Our TOC operations experts have considerable experience and have worked in some of the world’s most sophisticated TOC scenarios. Additionally, our services can include implementation of CREST operator certification procedures—an occupational standard in the United Kingdom that is now being implemented in North America—to help ensure a high level of efficiency and professional development.

Incident management

When flowing traffic is disrupted by an incident, safety is compromised and congestion increases. As skilled incident management (IM) experts, Atkins has extensive experience developing strategic IM plans for transportation agencies. These plans address surveillance and detection technologies as well as procedures and metrics that can help resolve incidents quickly. Atkins’ staff blends traditional engineering with innovative technologies, knowledge of emergency response strategies, strong relationships, and IM best practices to develop powerful solutions.

Performance measures

As with any other investment, our clients must be able to assess the impact their expenditures have on the transportation system. Atkins has developed a suite of technical applications and methods that provide accurate and reliable data for that purpose. Working with our clients, our ITS specialists analyze data, interpret findings, and develop appropriate ITS solutions and applied technologies. Based on this analysis, we enhance our clients’ ability to provide top-drawer transportation services, and are able to monitor outcome-based performance measures to gauge the effectiveness of infrastructure improvements and operations.

Program management

Atkins’ program management professionals provide general engineering consultant services to clients through on-call assignments or staff augmentation. In the case of ITS, program management assignments are typically multi-year engagements where Atkins personnel is based on client premises, side-by-side with their own staff. Clients also benefit from using our resources on an as-needed basis without the cost burden of full-time staff employment.

To learn more about our ITS services and capabilities review our ITS brochure.