Cambridgeshire Guided Busway

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Since opening, the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway has proved extremely successful with 3.5 million journeys made in 2014.

Atkins work for Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) on Cambridgeshire Guided Busway (CGB) began with initial feasibility studies for the busway. Following the acceptance of the Cambridge to Huntingdon Multi-Modal Study (CHUMMS) Atkins developed the scheme assessment incorporating the following elements:

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Transport impacts and decongestion benefits
  • Economic and financial appraisals
  • Engineering feasibility assessment
  • Capital costing.

On the basis of the assessment, an ‘Annex E’ Major scheme appraisal submission for project funding was prepared and was successfully submitted to Department for Transport.

Working with CCC and consultants provided by private developers, Atkins prepared the Transport and Works Act application documents, which were submitted in February 2004. Atkins also contributed substantially to the preparations for public inquiry, including the statement of case and evidence, as well as advising CCC and contributing to consultation materials.

During the inquiry, Atkins provided the witness for the transport case, specialist rail advice and the witness for the rail case. Throughout the inquiry Atkins supported CCC and legal teams.

The CGB public inquiry closed in December 2004 and a positive decision was received in December 2005. Atkins continued to provide advice to CCC in its role as lead consultant and project manager for the scheme and supported the negation and discussion with DfT for funding for the scheme. Funding was obtained in summer 2006 for £90 million of the £116 million scheme cost.

Atkins managed the scheme through the procurement phase, managing other consultants through the pre-contract and tender stages. Atkins conducted the tender process, using a model similar to the competitive dialogue procedure, to a successful conclusion, resulting in selection of a preferred bidder in May 2006. Following agreement on funding of CGB, a contractor was appointed in July 2006.

During the design and construct contract Atkins acted as agent for CCC, project manager under the ECC contract and design reviewer. Works on site commenced in autumn 2006 and Atkins managed the contract from that date. As the contract has progressed, Atkins expanded the range of services provided to CCC to include specialist advice on contractual issues and programming and support for dispute resolution.

The scheme is now complete and bus operations started in summer 2011. Since opening the scheme has proved extremely successful with 3.5 million journeys made in 2014. Atkins has conducted post opening research in partnership with CCC which demonstrates high levels of transfer from private car to the new system and users with a broad socio-economic background.

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