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The Express Rail Link, measuring about 26km from West Kowloon to the boundary with Mainland China, will be a dedicated high speed railway corridor through Hong Kong connecting to the high speed rail network in Mainland China. Trains on the Hong Kong section are intended to operate at speeds of up to 200 kph. The line will be in tunnels to be constructed by a combination of drill-and-blast, tunnel boring machine (TBM) and cut-and-cover techniques.

The C802 project comprises the design of 15km running tunnels from north of the West Kowloon Terminus to the Pat Heung Ventilation Building, including associated structures such as ventilation buildings, shafts/adits, roadworks, drainage and the necessary advance works. The project is divided into five works contract packages.

The project includes challenging sections of TBM driven tunnel under existing developments requiring strict control of ground movements and extensive instrumentation and monitoring. The bored tunnels also had to pass directly under the existing Tsuen Wan MTR Line with limited separation.