Georgia 400 Toll Plaza Decommissioning

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When a tollway connecting the Atlanta metropolitan area paid off—providing economic growth along the corridor and repaying its bond—we helped the state fulfill its promise to commuters and decommissioned the toll plaza.

In the 1980s, Atlantans made a smart investment in a tollway that would redefine the region, provide easy access from north Fulton and Forsyth Counties, and contribute to economic growth in the area. In 2012, Georgia’s governor announced that the state would pay off the bond debt and end tolling on GA 400 in 2013.

We worked closely with the Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority as their general engineering consultant to lead the project, and coordinated with contractors and local agencies.

Our role included development of the implementation plan and execution of civil site planning, project management, and architectural and electrical design services. We also developed comprehensive toll plaza closeout procedures and organized practice runs to ensure a successful transition.

With nearly 120,000 commuters using the road daily, motorist safety and effective communications with stakeholders took center stage. In recognition of achievement of those goals, the project received the Transportation Achievement Award for Operations from the Institute of Transportation Engineers

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Atlanta, GA

United States of America

Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA)





  • In February 2010 all tolls on 47 miles of roadway in Miami-Dade County began all-electronic toll collection. Motorists have the option of paying via the SunPass prepaid tolls program, or via Toll-By-Plate technology – a collection system that takes a photo of a vehicle’s license plate as it travels through a tolling gantry and issues a bill to the registered owner of the vehicle.

    As the general consultant to Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise since 1988, Atkins is managing the conversion of traditional tolling lanes to open road-tolling and all-electronic tolling, and seeing impressive returns in the form of improved traffic operations and greatly reduced traffic accidents at tolling points.

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