Grand Turk Welcome Center

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Atkins provided professional design services for the Grand Turk Cruise Center—a new, one-story welcome center facility—located on a 30,000-square-foot site. While capturing the spirit and history of the island, the design sought to reinvigorate its historic center.

In addition, Atkins provided professional services for design and construction documents for shell-only buildings, except for a full build-out of the public restrooms, including HVAC. The team designed a fully operational water storage cistern, coordinated the rerouting of an existing overhead power service line to underground, provided complete electrical design for the common areas, calculated electrical and HVAC loads including transformer sizing and metering, and provided adequate space for initial and future mechanical equipment.

A local architect and local civil engineer served as subcontractors, performing quality control, signing/sealing permit documents, and providing site/civil design services. The project was developed in four phases: conceptual design with renderings; design development documents for local government planning review; construction documents and bidding support services; and construction administration. During the project, Atkins provided ongoing value engineering services.