I-495 Capital Beltway HOT Lanes, ITS analysis & Conceptual Design

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Working with a partnership of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and Fluor-Transurban, Atkins provided services for the most significant package of improvements to the Capital Beltway in a generation, providing congestion relief and new travel choices to one of Virginia’s busiest roadways.

The project included constructing two new high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes in each direction on I-495 from the Springfield interchange to just north of the Dulles toll road (14 miles). Buses, carpools, motorcycles, and emergency vehicles will have free access to HOT lanes. Drivers with fewer than three occupants can access the lanes for a fee. Tolls for the HOT lanes change based on traffic conditions, regulating demand keeping them congestion free, even during peak hours.

Based on its assessment, Atkins developed recommendations for implementation of additional intelligent transportation systems devices on the managed lanes to enhance tolling and traffic/incident management operations. We also developed a conceptual design for new or adjusted locations for dynamic message signs, closed-circuit television cameras, remote traffic microwave sensors, and video-based incident management detection.