I-595 Intelligent Transportation System Contract Specs Development

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Atkins provided professional services for the research and development of contractual specifications for an intelligent transportation system (ITS) deployment for the Concessionaire I-595 Expressway Toll System project. The scope of work consisted of client coordination, research of existing documentation, and development of contractual specifications.

Atkins’ tasks included developing a number of sub-sections to the overall contractual documents for the solicitation of work including a scope of services for ITS; an “instruction to proposers” package; contractual attachments; and various submittal forms such as a schedule of payments and schedule of values.

We also developed a preliminary project systems engineering management plan to compliment the client’s plans for project progression and in accordance with Florida’s standards and rules as defined in Federal Highway Administration’s Rule 940. During the bid process, we assisted with proposal coordination, the interview process, and evaluation of proposers’ submittal packages, and then made recommendations to our client.