Japanese Earthquake Response (JER) Programme

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Following the nuclear accident at Fukushima Dai-ichi, Japan in 2011, all European Nuclear Operators were asked to review the safety of their plants. EDF Energy requested support from Atkins, Babcock, Doosan and Amec to set up the JER Programme as a collaborative approach to review the robustness of EDF Energy’s fleet of reactors, and then implement additional safety enhancements to help protect the fleet against unpredictable, extreme, ‘beyond design basis’ events.

Atkins has led this programme of work with EDF Energy by integrating the strengths of four core Atkins businesses to create and deliver a holistic integrated solution of innovative safety enhancements for the organisation. It involves complex engineering enhancements, procurement of back-up equipment, creation of a national deployment strategy, ensuring these are incorporated into existing emergency arrangements, and then supported by complex programme management, communications and stakeholder engagement across the business and industry.