Nabta Town Public Library

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The Public Library building is planned as part of the Nabta Town Masterplan in the region of Borg Al Arab, Egypt. Nabta Town, a sustainable mixed-use urban development in the Middle East, is a uniquely smart, urban real estate masterplan that incorporates world-class academic institutions, cultural, leisure and commercial centres, a business park, generous public spaces and holistic housing neighbourhoods.

The brief proposes a multiuser learning facility that caters to the needs of both the public and students from nearby academic facilities. The design emphasises an architectural language that is deeply rooted within its context, which encourages the user to ponder, innovate and explore. It forms a landmark public space that encourages dialogue through culturally stimulating spaces that are reminiscent of Egypt’s vibrant heritage.

Key facts

Borg Al Arab, Alexandria

Egypt / Middle East & Africa


Additional facts:
First truly Mixed-Use development in Egypt.
Site offers opportunity to develop individuals through academic institutions and then encourages entrepreneurship through the business development opportunities on site.
Technology is integrated into all aspects of Nabta Town life.




Middle East

Salim Hussain
Principal Architect

PO Box 5620
Dubai, UAE
Telephone: +9714 4059 300




  • Atkins was commissioned to provide full architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical services for Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) in Dubai.

    The design for the school was based on the notion of a ‘journey’ through school life. This was transformed on plan into a figure of eight, with an amphitheatre at the intersection point, defining the heart of the school.

    Where possible, the school has been designed with sustainability in mind with high levels of thermal insulation, externally shaded windows and energy efficient engineering solutions.

    United Arab Emirates ,

  • We are currently working on a portfolio of projects, including a new £22m landmark building to provide specialist facilities for two of the university’s internationally renowned facilities – the Faculty of Media and Communication and the Faculty of Science and Technology. The project, which we won through a design competition, is known as the Poole Gateway Fusion Building and will form a new visual gateway to the University’s Talbot Campus and its parkland setting.

    The Gateway Building will house state of the art facilities on a series of tiered floors, including many multimedia areas, each with acoustically and visually sensitive spaces. These facilities include: TV and film studios, audio editing, media production spaces, green screen and motion capture suites, and animation studios.

    We are also leading the design of a £40m academic building, which will provide a new home for the Faculty of Health & Social Sciences, as well as wider services to support the implementation of the University’s development masterplan. This includes: space planning of existing buildings, landscaping, infrastructure (road and transport interchanges), and facilities management overview.

    Architecture hub

    UK ,

  • Lime Tree brings not only much needed additional school places for Manchester (statistics show over half of primary schools in Manchester are now over capacity), but a new way of teaching and learning that blends indoor and outdoor learning in new and exciting ways. Over half of the curriculum is delivered outdoors.

    The buildings, which work with the landscape to create a physical and metaphysical forest, were largely constructed off-site out of modular components, a process that greatly reduced the amount of waste products and the time taken to complete the building.

    As a ‘forest school’, Lime Tree aims to develop pupil’s self-esteem, self-confidence and independence skills by nurturing an understanding and respect for nature and the outside world. Atkins designed the building to reflect this ethos, with columns clad in tree bark, green and sky blue cladding inspired by leaves in the sunlight, and classrooms full of natural light connected by ‘forest clearings’.

    What makes Lime Tree stand out in comparison with many modular or standardised school solutions is that the project has not been compromised by the construction methodology – it simply helped us realise the vision sooner, cheaper and with considerable panache.

    Lime Tree Primary Academy - Diagram, cropped
    Architecture hub
    Lime tree primary academy

    UK ,

  • Atkins provided full architectural services for this $8.5 million, 49,000-square-foot library. In keeping with the historic nature of Georgetown, the materials and forms of the library were chosen to reflect the local vernacular, while proclaiming the project's important civic nature.

    The evolving client collaboration resulted in an efficient program layout that can change configurations to serve different community groups for day or evening. At the same time, the project transformed an old maintenance and storage yard into a new pedestrian urban experience with small courtyards and formal lawns, while seamlessly integrating the required utilities. This project also met the stringent requirements and review process of the Georgetown Historic Architectural Review Committee.

    USA ,