Riyadh East Sub Centre

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The ArRiyadh Development Authority (ADA) has proposed a long-term vision for the future planning of Riyadh, in which four urban sub-centres are to be created on the perimeter of the existing city. Riyadh East Sub Centreis to be the new centre for the eastern sector.

As its name suggests, Riyadh East Sub Centre aspires to be a haven, providing shelter and relief to its inhabitants and developing a modern concept of urban life by providing vibrant, interesting spaces.

It is dominated by a curvilinear, organically shaped public park that ties the north and south sides of the site together with a string of spatial experiences. These public spaces insinuate themselves into every aspect of the planning and use idealised aspects of Riyadh’s history, spirituality, culture, tradition, ecology and future aspirations as themes under an overall approach of sustainability. The spaces within the park are based on themes of nature, religion, tradition, the art and the souk



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Janus Rostock
Regional design director, Middle East

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Dubai, UAE
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