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The Wessal Bouregreg project is a visionary scheme to transform the cultural and social landscape of Morocco’s capital, Rabat.

We designed the masterplan for this inner city site, as well as two of its most iconic buildings - the Library of National Archives of the Kingdom of Morocco, and the House of Arts and Culture - for Wessal Capital, an investment fund for tourism and real estate projects in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The masterplan will create a new national cultural hub for Morocco, and will enhance Rabat’s position on the world stage as a destination to enjoy internationally important historic archives as well as new arts and cultural offerings.

The inspiration for the scheme began with an investigation into the rich cultural history of Morocco and its unique historic development of mathematical theories. Using a reinterpretation of the geometry of a traditional Moroccan mosaic tile as its inspiration, the masterplan delivers axes and views to key existing and future buildings, as well as to new cultural open spaces. 

Both new buildings complement and reference the geometries of the masterplan, acknowledging their aspect in relation to Rabat’s most important existing historic buildings, the Hassan Tower and the Mohammed V Mausoleum and the new Zaha Hadid-designed National Theatre. They will also provide contemporary spaces that will reinvigorate the capital’s cultural and artistic scene, aligning with the Royal vision for “Rabat, the City of Light, the Moroccan Capital of Culture”.

The House of Arts and Culture will feature contemporary exhibition spaces, artists’ studios, and open plan areas for both professional artists and new younger talent from around the world.

The Library of National Archives of the Kingdom of Morocco will showcase exhibitions on Morocco’s rich cultural history, as well as providing educational and training spaces. This building will also contain classrooms, digital experiences and restoration laboratories, where Morocco’s precious archives will be restored, maintained, and displayed to the public.

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Design of site masterplan and two of its most iconic buildings

Masterplan inspired by the Moroccan tile




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Jason Speechly-Dick
Head of architecture, London

T: +44 (0)7834 50 6663
E: jason.speechly-dick@atkinsglobal.com

Sanjay Tanwani
Principal for international masterplanning

T: +44 20 7121 3064
E: Sanjay.Tanwani@atkinsglobal.com


  • Dubai Opera will be unique for a venue of its size, in that it will have the ability to convert into three modes; from a theatre into a concert hall and into a ‘flat floor’ form, offering 2000 m² of space for events such as exhibitions and gala events.

    What makes Dubai Opera so important is the new offering it will bring to residents and visitors of the city. It will become a hub for cultural activity, entertainment and artistic expression, while playing its part in creating a vibrant local community. 

    Dubai Opera aims to transform the emirate’s cultural footprint and establish the city as a part of the elite global theatre circuit – providing a vital new draw for the tourist industry – a cornerstone of Dubai’s economy.

    Dubai Opera opened on 31st of August 2016 with a sold out performance by Placido Domingo.

    Go here to read more about the design and the opening.

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  • Euston Estate Limited want to transform Euston Station into a place where people not only travel, but live, work, shop, eat and play. As well as new station facilities, they want to offer people a place to go for high end shopping, dining and entertainment.

    Our multidisciplinary team created a 17 hectare vision and masterplan for the redevelopment of Euston Station, including the 1980s commercial office buildings at the station’s entrance.

    Our masterplan went beyond the development of a new station to create a vibrant mixed use community space incorporating retail, leisure, office space and residential buildings, and high quality public spaces. Our vision for Euston also included a makeover for the landmark Euston Square at the front of the station.

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  • It implies the symbiosis of three main components – Office, Hotel and SOHO apartments. Although these buildings can be operated individually but while they function together, a powerful urban synergy is created from these separate entities.

    Total GFA is 246,067 sq.m with a plot ratio of 12.6. It comprises of three 165.8m tall building, a 39 storey office tower, a 38 storey Hilton hotel and a 43 storey SOHO apartment. The crystalline building form signifies its status as the landmark in the city of Chengdu, with its modern and geometrical expression in curtain wall, has given the project a pure and classic appearance.

    Chengdu Seaton Plaza 


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  • The client will be developing the Northstar Delta site to create a new landmark - Northstar Changsha Centre - on behalf of the government for the city of Changsha, and has appointed Atkins to provide architecture design services for this development.

    The Centre will integrate residential, cultural, retail and commercial space of the riverside area to create a central public space for activities. This will include a supertall 400 metre landmark office tower, regional convention centre, department stores, a five-star hotel and serviced apartments. The project will cover a floor area of 406,000 sq.m.

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