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Wax workshop



Wax workshop


06 May 2015 - 16:30- 19:30


Kirkgate House, Aberdeen, UK


Introduction by Atkins' Niki Chambers
Presentations by: Ivor Forsdyke and Dan Cullen from Kernow Analytical Technology (KAT), Dr Martin Watson and Alessandro Speranza from KBC Advanced Technologies and Elijah Kempton from Assured Flow Solutions



Atkins is facilitating this Wax Workshop to address some of the issues that can be encountered through the lifecycle of a project with waxy fluids from the initial testing and prediction, though the design phase and then into operations.  A number of presentations will be made from those who have been working in this area for a good number of years.  These will incorporate the testing and behaviour of the fluid which is usually the starting point for all the subsequent modelling, the how wax deposition is modelled using flow assurance software, and also mitigation and remediation methods available.

The presentations will be followed by an extended Q&A with the speakers and other experts who will be happy to lead the discussion with the attendees.

Please feel free to share any examples or personal experience you have had during the course of the evening.

Following on from the presentations and panel session there will be a cheese and wine tasting for you to stay and continue any discussion or just unwind.

Speaker biography

Wax Testing & Fluid Behaviour – Ivor Forsdyke and Dan Cullen from Kernow Analytical Technology (KAT)

Ivor spent over 18 years at BP Exploration and Production [Sunbury] where he focused on wax and rheological issues before spending 5 years as a consultant for Flow Assurance Solutions Limited.   Ivor joined KAT in 2003 where he has technical responsibility for all wax and rheological testing.  Ivor has previously been the project manager for the “Wax Attack” joint industry venture and the chairman of the Deepstar Flow Assurance committee.
Dan graduated from Plymouth University in 2009 with a BSc Hons in Analytical chemistry and started work with Babcock Marine in the Reactor chemistry section, analysing and sampling radioactive materials. In 2013 he joined Kernow Analytical Technology (KAT) as a research scientist, with a focus on wax & rheological properties of crude oil.

Wax Deposition Modelling for Life of Field – Dr Martin Watson and Alessandro Speranza from KBC Advanced Technologies

Martin holds a PhD in Multiphase Flow from Imperial College London. He subsequently worked on a number of field developments as a flow assurance engineer for Granherne before co-founding FEESA Limited. FEESA was acquired by KBC in the summer of 2014.  Martin specialises in IPM modelling, transient multiphase flow analysis, and the development of Flow Assurance Operating Strategies and Guidelines.

Alessandro is a Senior Staff Consultant with KBC, working as Product Champion of the Mulitflash™ family of thermodynamic and PVT software tools. Alessandro has fifteen years in mathematical and computer modelling of multiphase flows, phase equilibria, phase separation and industrial applications of mathematical and physical modelling, as well as project/programme management. 

Wax Mitigation and Remediation – Elijah Kempton from Assured Flow Solutions

Elijah Kempton has 15 years of flow assurance experience with over 90 oil and gas offshore and onshore projects and has worked in Houston, London and Denver.  Mr. Kempton managed the original MSi paraffin deposition laboratory in Houston and has experience with various production chemistry laboratory measurements.  Additionally, Mr. Kempton created and managed the first MSi (now part of Wood Group Kenny) international office in London and has extensive experience in production system design / optimization and transient / multiphase flow modeling.  Mr. Kempton has a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and is currently the Onshore Manager for Assured Flow Solutions, LLC, a specialist flow assurance consultancy with offices in both Denver and Houston.



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