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Masterplanning and urban design

Atkins' urban planners and designers create visions and formulate strategies to improve the livability, sustainability, and aesthetics of our communities.

We understand that building communities is a three-dimensional effort that integrates traditional definitions of use and intensity with standards for form and design. Atkins meet our client's objectives and develop project consensus by successfully engaging diverse constituencies and decision-makers early and consistently throughout the planning process. Our planning solutions are innovative, respectful of property owners' interests, and financially feasible and fiscally responsible, while satisfying regulatory requirements.

Atkins has a distinguished record of producing comprehensive plans and project designs that are effective, persuasive, and active tools in achieving a community's vision, while allowing flexibility to adjust to changing market conditions, proponents‚ needs, and regulations. Our documents emphasize the how-to aspects of implementation rather than general and vague policy. In addition, our documents are written, illustrated, and organized in a way that is easily understood by the general public and professional planners alike. Over the years, we have achieved an outstanding record of successful implementation of our plans and projects.

Atkins' excellence in urban planning and design has been recognized by the receipt of numerous awards from our professional peers, including the American Planning Association (APA).

Our capabilities in this area include:

  • Community sustainability and climate action plans
  • Design guidelines
  • Entitlement coordination and project management
  • General/comprehensive plans
  • Land use and urban design plans
  • Public outreach, meeting facilitation, and visioning
  • Redevelopment and infill plans
  • Specific/master plans
  • Transit-oriented development
  • Zoning studies, form-based codes, and development standards